February 1, 2017

A branch line


By the time you’re in your stride, maybe last week, maybe a decade ago, things are chugging away on the mainline. Ta-pu-ka-ta-pu-ka-ta. Customers, projects, people, products come. Customers, projects, people, products go. A little bid different but a lot just the same. Every day. Ta-pu-ka-ta-pu-ka-ta. Enough progress to keep everything moving.

What’s on the branch line?

What’s not moving as quick (yet) that might just head you off at the curve? What are your competitors doing, how are your customers changing, what regulation is brewing, what technology is cutting, what capacity is growing?

Start your own branch line … on a whiteboard. What have tucked away in a siding? What has potential? New routes? Where will customers want to go tomorrow? How will you take them there?

Skippy strategy: A side project – train of tomorrow.