Billy’s built a solid reputation as an expert in his sector, which is huge. His good work got noticed and a new customer, from another sector, came along and turned Billy’s head – “mm, hmm, that looks sweet.” And Billy’s wandering away from the focus that has done him so well.

“That grass sure does look green on the other side of the stream. Especially after eating this same old grass for so long. We’ve never been over there before. It’s so fresh and green. And look over there, by that troll, there’s a bridge.”

New opportunities are the kind of problems it’s good to have. What to do?

For starters, don’t ignore the troll.

The odds are probably still with plan A. Stick to what you know until you know it’s wrong.

But … if you simply can’t ignore the bridge to the other side, deal with the troll and send a scouting trip first. Be alive to opportunity, but be a healthy skeptic.

Skippy Strategy: Meet with your team to list the things that you’ve started to do in the last few months. Work out which are on the plan, which are impossible to ignore, and which are simply distractions.

<small>First published 19th February 2015</small>