October 6, 2017

A cliff


Anytime you feel yourself rushing toward a cliff edge, you have two choices.

The first, obvious, safe option: turn away. Do whatever it takes to slow down progress, throw out an anchor and heel off. Worst case, you buy time to come up with plan B, best case … you won’t fall off the cliff.

The second, risky, dangerous and incredibly compelling option: keep on going and hope your feeling was wrong.

In your calm, detached, objective moments, you’d hope option one was the winning strategy. In reality, it’s option two – head down, already committed, stubborn face-saving, living in la-la land, ignoring the feeling, determination will get us through. And it often does. The feeling was just a feeling after all.

But … and it’s a big but … sometimes the feeling is right.

Throw an anchor, buy some observation time, then recommit.

Skippy strategy: Buy time to navigate the cliff.