May 31, 2020

A commitment


Fulfilling on commitments assumes that a commitment is clearly made, is explicit, and is completed by the agreed time.

Well then, is it?

Is it a commitment that was clearly made? Does everyone around the table have a shared understanding that someone or group agreed to complete some task? Is it explicit? What is it that was agreed to be done, and is it set out in words and deeds that would be indisputable by even the most argumentative teenager? Is the time frame clear, no ifs no buts?

With that in place, what next? Is this a one hit, I’ll see you when it’s done, deal, or are updates expected along the road? Does anyone have a watching brief or is the whole thing based on expectations?

What is the method of accountability, and who’s involved in the loop?

Skippy strategy: There’s more to commitments than making commitments.