August 13, 2020

A five minute job


Some jobs are five minute jobs. Like a read and respond email. Like putting the thing where it belongs. Like ordering that component you know you’ll need next week. It’s only a five minute job, and you have two choices: do it now so it’s off your desk, or build up a few of them and do them together in an efficient lump of time.

Option one wins friends (because you’re seen as a doer) but might just kill the flow of that bigger thing you’re working on. Option two risks getting caught in a lump that’s too big to chew, overwhelming … and never done.

Five minute jobs should get done in five minutes – and keep the world turning. Too many people take option two too often, their inbox builds and everyone else stands around waiting and cussing.

Skippy strategy: Do the next five minute job in the next five minutes.