February 21, 2021

A list


Just once, wouldn’t it be good to get through everything you want to get through in a week. To start with a list of jobs that need doing, and in the next seven days, tick off all of them whilst managing to stay on top of the day to day that fills every moment. Just once.

The problem is starting the week without that list. Starting with a kinda-sorta list, with some items at front of mind and some tucked way at the back, not a complete list though, partial and imperfectly remembered – whether you’re bright and fresh or pulling an all nighter.

So, no list then. More of an idea. Thing you might remember and might achieve.

And then it’s Tuesday, Friday and the only thing that’s really changed around here is the date. Sure, you’re busy, but what do you do?

Skippy strategy: Start with an actual written list.