February 19, 2018

A little easier


On paper, everything seems a little easier than it is.

That’s a bad thing if it makes you believe the impossible. If the paper convinces you that Tab A will fit perfectly into Slot B without any other thought or planning. If the paper is a deceit. If you believe the simple picture and fail to look below the surface.

Don’t believe the impossible. Forget everything being easy – focus on the little easier.

Paper’s ability to show the size and shape of the problem. To understand the need for Tab A and the necessary parameters of Slot B. To corral your thoughts and fears and let you poke them into place, leaving space to actually think about the pieces. To explore.

On paper, everything seems more manageable.

Big problems become soluble. The pieces present themselves and communications becomes a little easier than it was.

Skippy strategy: Write to help you think.