August 11, 2019

A little structure


If everything is going swimmingly and everyone knows exactly where they fit and how they contribute, if there’s little or no thrashing about, if the projects flow and the whole place hums with energy and efficiency … stand back, leave well alone and admire what you see. 

Any other time, any other circumstance, any other organisational state of being … a bit more structure helps. Staking out the ground a little more clearly. Making connections and dependencies more obvious. Cleaning the process to make sure Tab A can and does fit into Slot B (no muss no fuss), and never never never anywhere near Slot C or D or E.

Structure, even a little structure, may not be what you want to spend your time on but it’s a high leverage activity. Do it here, and everything that connects gets that little bit easier.

Skippy strategy: A bit more structure.