November 8, 2018

A little twisted


Looking at the situation, you see what you see, and whether you like it or not, whether you strive for objectivity or not, you also think what you think. You make connections, make assessments, make “and this means that” assumptions. You jump to conclusions, and even when you know things look a little twisted, those conclusions have a way of digging their toes in and becoming your particular take on the reality as you see it.

Next step?

Look again. Ask questions. Do whatever you can to not say out loud what you’re thinking – because the saying can sway the situation.

If you have no choice, if you have to make public your assessment, say what you see in a way that opens up the conversation rather than closes it down.

Say … this is what I see … 

And ask … what am I missing? 

Skippy strategy: Find out what you’re missing.