December 16, 2020

A mess


In your head, it’s huge. Up there, it’s complicated, has many moving and amorphous parts, and is difficult to describe in anything other than deep in the woods spaghetti-path detail. In your head, it’s a mess that not worth messing with.

Problem is, its day is coming, and soon.

One option is to wait for that day to chase down the spaghetti and hope your people don’t get lost in the trees.

Option two is to write it down now, in your notebook or office software product of choice. In the writing, in the iteration, in the tables and bullet points and what-ifs, you’ll fine – you always find – that it boils down to two or three key variables, that it’s complex, yes, but not as bad as you thought.

And with a little more effort, a plan emerges.

Skippy strategy: Take option two, and give the path a chance.