May 6, 2019

A mistake was made


And, just like that, the mistake was made and the glass was broken. A little disbelief, a little denial, a little negotiating with yourself that it doesn’t really matter, a little rationalisation. But, whether it’s a broken relationship, a non-productive innovation, a lost customer, a departing team member, a redundant component … that little mistake/decision/reality shift has an impact.

As ever, the question then is what do you do about it – compound it or deal with it? 

Compounding it means spending too long in the stages of grief. Allowing the circumstances to determine the day. Not addressing the reality, not taking control, not living in the real world but living in the what-if.

Dealing with it, death with reality, means taking it on the chin, lickety-split. Acknowledging and accepting that, prickly as it may be, things have changed. And buying a new glass.

Skippy strategy: A mistake was made. Move on.