February 14, 2018

A nimble footed affair


Dealing with the day-to-day is a nimble footed affair. Tip-toeing around obstacles, jumping between stepping-stones, taking care not to crush initiative or subvert progress. As you navigate, it’s natural and necessary to look where you tread. To pay attention. To focus on the immediate imperative.

If you’re intention is to do any kind of a decent job today, so you can set up for doing another decent job tomorrow, it’s not even a choice. Focus makes the world move forward.

Just don’t forget the day after tomorrow.

Remember, today, that what you do today is in service of a longer term goal. Remember that goal, remind yourself and your team of that goal, daily.

In every meeting, give the context of the objective. Make sure every short-term win is nudging in the same direction as the long-term goal.

Skippy strategy: Remember that today is in service of an agreed tomorrow.