December 4, 2019

A playbook


There are some things you know will happen. It’s not a mystery what’s behind the next corner because you’ve been around this track before. Lots. The calendar is one guide, the sales cycle another, the product development evolution timeline, the project roadmap. There’s a playbook for every one. This happens then this happens then this happens. Slight variations in the when and the how and the what … sure, they’re different every time … but they’re coming around again.

So prepare yourself and prepare your team.

Sort out your schedule, allow time for customers to make their decisions, remember that nothing happens as fast as you’d like, nothing is as easy as it seems on a whiteboard. Send out the invitations ahead of time, let everyone know what’s happening.

Start the meeting with where we are, end it with where we’re going next.

Skippy strategy: Everyone on the same page of the playbook.