November 10, 2017

A pretty big page


If there’s one place you all have to be, it’s on the same page. Sometimes it’s a pretty big page.

The page is a treasure map, of course.

You can argue about the what and the where of the thing, the path forward and where it’s supposed to lead anyway. You can talk about the route and the obstacles and the lands of opportunity you’ll have to pass up. You can argue about every little thing on the map. Because … you’re all on the same page.

As soon as you stop talking and start making assumptions, someone’s going to fall of the edge, someone’s going to turn around and walk whichever way they please, someone else will make camp and never move again.

The page – and the discussion about the page – must be ever present. A feature of the journey itself.

Skippy strategy: Keep everyone on the same page … with words.