July 8, 2020

A professional


You can probably muddle through. When budgets are tight and time is the only flexible variable, you might have no choice. Over time, with enough latitude and a reasonably undemanding environment, you can probably find the space to improve things beyond the sealing wax and string phase until you achieve a degree of professionalism – enough at least to hold things together and satisfy the imperative. Probably.

If time is limited, if the environment is demanding (someone’s screaming at you or it’s a high-cost high-risk game) and the budget is variable you do have a choice. Muddle through anyway as it’s the way you learn and keep on top of things (and accept the risks), or find someone who knows what they’re doing and hand the problem over to them.

Skippy strategy: The ultimate choice … take the time to make a professional or spend the money on someone who already is.