November 28, 2016

A proper wedge


Some jobs (most jobs?) get done is snippets of time. Snuck in with meetings, there’s phone calls and interruptions and walking about, there’s slice-of-life encounters and email and nudging and poking and noticing and intervening. More of less important, the kind of day that slips by with you wondering how it slipped by.

That’s the majority of day-to-day management. It’s about administration, fire fighting, and the artful process of putting one foot after the other.

Some jobs though, they can’t be sliced and diced to fit in with all the other slices and dices. More substantial, more concentrated, more demanding. Anything that needs a dive deep before finding solids, where you have to understand the whole before the specific, that takes concerted attention to hold all the pieces in the air.

The only way? A proper wedge of time.

Skippy strategy: Give it the time it deserves.