January 25, 2017

A purple hat


When you’re working to a goal, and it’s a goal that matters to your team, your organisation and most of all to you, you do whatever it takes (within the bounds of the law and your moral code). You make sacrifices, prioritise the effort, put it ahead of you, anything you need to do to get it done. If that means wearing a purple hat and hopping around in circles, who cares? As long as we hit the goal.

Whatever it takes.

When it matters, you forget boundaries, you move your ego out of the way, you don’t protect your self image or come up with a list of things you won’t do. You roll up your sleeves and plunge in, shoulder deep.

That’s the test. If you mean it, don’t hold back.

Skippy strategy: If it means that much, get over it, and take the risk.