March 12, 2017

A rolling maul


You know how it is. You’re all busy people with full diaries, piling lists of to-dos, international standard prioritisation judgements and barely enough time to sit down in a room together … let alone thrash out the real questions that are holding you back.

But, with good intentions, here you are. A slug of time allocated and at least passing attention.

And then it starts. A rolling maul. Where everything is discussed and pulled apart. Where opinions matter more than conclusions. Where talking is used to cover-up the lack of dialog. Where we go over everything, in detail, without really actually dealing with anything.

All day, going nowhere. Exhausting.

So … if you have to … deal with status updates … on a guillotine. Ten minutes this. Ten minute that.

That’s the first question: Where are we?

Now … What’s in the way? How can we help?

Skippy strategy: Make room for clear thinking.