August 5, 2019

A rugby match


There’s always a lot of wriggle in what you do. You’re not exactly making it up as you go along, and to an outside observer it probably looks pretty good, but inside, where the people are doing work and the work is being done, it feels more like organised chaos.

Everyone’s kinda sorta on the same page, but they’re not. The handoffs between teams are more like a rugby match with lots of pushing and shoving before the ball makes any clear progress. People definitely know what they’re doing but the how and the when and the why are much more circumspect. The whole thing … more of an ragged escape than a seamless journey.

The secret to repeatable success – a clear idea about how we win at doing this, and a review process that ensures we learn and improve along the way.

Skippy strategy: A clear idea of how to win.