May 29, 2019

A six piece jigsaw


Nothing is ever as easy as it should be.

Some how, every time, people on the other side of the table find a way of making things complicated, or dig their heels in where they shouldn’t, or you do.

Some how, the technology won’t quite bend to your will the way you imagined standing at the whiteboard. What seemed like an obvious trip from X to Y now involves every other letter and which refuse to line up in neat little rows.

Some how, no matter how you try, Tab A won’t fit into Slot B unless you build a tool to hold it juuuuust so.

Maybe we should expect easy things to be difficult, but we never learn that lesson. We  see a six piece jigsaw, we think … easy-peasy lickety-split.

When anything other than thought is involved: add a complexity contingency.

Skippy strategy: Expect unexpected complexity. Be happy when there’s none.