September 15, 2019

A splash


Somebody new comes along and they have a different idea.

What we’ve always done like this, they’d like to do like that. They look at something that’s been the way it is for a long while, and want to change it up. The practice, the process, the principle we’ve relied on, they think it needs a rethink.

And maybe they’re right. It sure has been this way for a while.

Hold on though.

If it doesn’t work, fine. Find something better and shift into gear.

If it’s still working, and working well, and the only reason for change is change itself – not my idea, there’s a new alternative, it’s time, I don’t understand where it came from so let’s rewrite it from the ground up) – then let’s not.

Old isn’t a candidate just because it’s old.

Skippy strategy: Put the energy where it has impact, not just to make a splash.