January 21, 2019

A thing of rhythm


When things go wrong, it’s likely that you have a meeting about it and work out how to put things right this time and make sure it can’t go wrong again next time. But why wait?

Putting in a great performance every time means consistent levels of service, product and process. The place to start that is building in rhythms so that everyone know what to expect and what’s expected.

Somewhere in your process – whether it’s a service thing or a product thing – there’s a natural place for review. Maybe it’s after every client meeting, every delivery, every Monday, once a month. Somewhere, some time, there’s a routine break in the flow – have the meeting there. Do it every time. When things go well or not so well. Sort out what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve. Repeat.

Skippy strategy: Make excellence a thing of rhythm.