January 3, 2018

A voluntary kick


When you’re in the fog, buried in the day-to-day, your eyes dropping to your shoes as you put one foot after another, dealing with one firefight after the last, focusing on immediate fixes and tactical manoeuvring, spinning your wheels … a kick in the arse can knock you into forward gear and raise your eyes where they belong: looking up – so you can set course, anticipate leaps and prepare for curves before you get there.

Take January 1st as a kick in the arse.

Picking your next horizon … where does it sit, where will it lead, what’s its potential? How will you get there, what’s in the way, what giant leaps must you take, how will you take them, who can help? Where will the trouble hide, what will take you off course, how will you deal with this and that and them?

Skippy strategy: Take a voluntary kick in the arse.