December 29, 2015

A vote for distraction?

Wonder Wheel

It’s a trick question.

Would you vote for distraction, or to stay point-focused on the goal?

Oh. No. It’s not. It’s an every minute of every day question.

Would you ignore the thing you know you should do, so you can do the thing you know you shouldn’t?

Oh. Yes. It is a trick question. Because it’s not as easy as that.

What if the goal is a long way off, and is in itself a distraction from earning a living and putting food on the table? What if the goal is right there, but you’re just not in to it? What if there’s plen——ty of time and you feel like kicking back? What it the distraction might not be a distraction after all, but the next big thing?

Distractions look exactly like obligations, or opportunities, or options, or outside bets. Most of all, distractions look like fun. Then what?

Everyone needs a break. Don’t feel guilty, just get back in the saddle and move along.

Skippy Strategy: Get distracted. Recharge. Get focused.