September 5, 2018

A wider battle


That fire you’re fighting … a little local skirmish or part of a wider battle?

If it’s local, fix it and move on. There’s no point obsessing about root causes and systemic improvements, it’s just a speed bump you have to negotiate on the way to bigger things.

If it’s wider, fix it and don’t move on. That wider battle, how large and how important? Dig a little deeper, push a little further, look for the best way to solve the problems of tomorrow as well as the problems of today. Find the edges of the issues and roll things back from there. Do a decent job and tidy up afterwards.

The point – don’t waste time where it isn’t necessary, and don’t speed on when you and everyone around you knows you’ll get tripped up every time you pass Go, until you fix it properly.

Skippy strategy: Fix what needs fixing.