December 1, 2021

About measuring


What they say about measuring and managing is right. You get exactly what you ask for. Kinda. When you ask your team to be productive, and you measure productivity on lines of code, or time spent, or customers sold, you probably get an uptick in, erm, code, hours, customer. And that’s exactly what you want, right? The problem comes when you find baggy and buggy code, wasted and flabby time sheets, and unhappy and unmotivated customers. You got what you wanted, kinda.

Choose the right thing to manage. Not lines of code but, maybe, code that passes its tests and delivers agreed results. Not hours spent but, maybe, forward-stepping work. Not new customers but, maybe, new customers from customer referrals.

When you make the effort to measure what you want, make sure you measure what you really want.

Skippy strategy: Measures may just be vanity, track outcomes for productive sanity.