September 19, 2017

About momentum


With a push and a shove and a might heave, you get things moving. With consistent effort and plenty of attention, they’ll start to move and a proper lick and then keep on going on their own. Momentum is a marvellous thing. It takes what you’ve done so far and keeps turning tricks out of the back.

It’s a free ride … for a while.

Turn your back just a little too long, wander off in the belief that your work here is done, forget to keep a watching brief … and momentum wears down. Now there’s a trickle. Now things settle into stasis. No creative thought. No progress. Things sink down into mud.

All that initiation effort wasted on a short leap. And digging it back out of that mud? Even more endeavour than the first time.

To keep momentum: a little attention and daily nudges.

Skippy strategy: It’s about momentum.