July 22, 2020

About the past


It’s so much easier to think and talk about the past than to plan and take action for the future.

The past is so comfortable. If things went well, we can pat ourselves on the back. If things went bad, we can moan about it, and them, and every damn thing – and who doesn’t like to wallow a little? Today though. And tomorrow. That takes work. And brainpower. And putting ourselves out. And making difficult choices. And every other damn thing.

The past is so comfortable, it’s true, but (after a five minute moan and wallow) it’s only use is to inform and make sense of what’s in front of you. It’s value: experience and lessons learned.

Get over the past, stop rolling around with great/bad, hard/easy, exciting/dull, volatile/moribund.

Skippy strategy: Learn from what went before, internalise it, look forward and get on with tomorrow.