April 5, 2021

About the planning

X building

It’s absolutely, positively, indisputably useful to have a plan. It helps organise your thoughts, it help disseminate your thoughts and it helps everyone involved coordinate their efforts today, tomorrow and every other day until the job is done.

Let’s have a plan, for that.

And, and it’s probably a bigger and, or at least as big an and, and … it’s really about the planning. It’s about the process of bringing the brightest, most invested, most creative, most involved minds to the whiteboard, mining them for their fears and objectives and ideas and risks, and using their collective wisdom and passion and let’s-build-it right-hereism to come up with a cohesive view of the world and how we, we, we want to change it.

The planning brings everyone to the same page, the plan is just an act of writing things on it.

Skippy strategy: It’s as much about the planning as the plan.