May 22, 2020

Acting on hope


In anything other than the most steady state organisation, there is always a lot in play. All the things you’re planning and doing in order to create the effects and impacts you hope to achieve. And, even with the greatest minds, the right resources and the ultimate plans, that means you’re working with hope.

You build plans on it, build teams on it, do deals on it, imagine futures on it. Most powerful of all, you weave stories with it. Wrapping the knowns with potentials and the realities with maybes. Then you put them all together in presentations and fold them into spreadsheet. Before long, hopes becomes almost-unquestioned almost-unthoughtabout, almost-facts.

Keep an eye on them. Highlight them in neon orange. Test and prod and poke them. When they crystallise, celebrate. When they blow away, nod your head wisely and plan again.

Skippy strategy: Acknowledge when you’re acting on hope.