April 28, 2018

Active measures


Assuming for the moment that your job is not entirely about steady-state delivery of the status quo, that you involve yourself if making things better, in understanding how things are now and working out an improved future, that your role is therefore about change.

How to do that?

Two parts: working out the plan, and delivering on it.

Both are active measures.

Working out the plan means more than moaning about how things are now. It involves understanding the good and the bad of now, making choices about a desired future, and addressing the reality of obstacles that are in the way.

Delivering on it means taking one action after another. Dealing with the road bumps and mountains along the way, making hard choices that are even harder in the moment. It’s a sprint and a marathon.

Choosing change, is not choosing easy.

Skippy strategy: Better comes from active measures.