January 13, 2018

Again, again, again


The reason customers come back … they like what they got last time, and they’re looking for more of the same. Sure they might want it bigger and better next time, and they’ll probably want a lower sticker price, but what they really want … consistent service.

They liked something, and they expect you to deliver something they’ll like again.

You delivered against their need before, they want you to deliver it once more.

Customers repeat orders because they want repeat performance.

Get the picture? More of the same please. Again, again, again.

So your job … the thing that creates trust with your customers, that builds a bigger business, that earns you word of mouth, that means you’re the one they rely on … consistently do whatever it takes to to be consistently good.

And that means … build and manage a process that delivers consistency.

Skippy strategy: Build for repetition, then repeat.