October 23, 2020

Again and again


Your remember that thing you were told once when you were checking your phone and barely listening? The same thing you were told at the start of that meeting and was repeated every time you all got together. You know, it was written in the minutes? Yes, that thing!

Which time did you remember it? The first time? The fourth? The fourteenth? Which time did you realise it was important? Which time did you start connecting it to the work you were doing and the changes that were being put in place. The fortieth?

If it’s important, say it more than once, say it often, and point out how important it is. Nobody gets it the first time, nobody remembers it, nobody cares about it. Not until you make its importance and relevance clear and obvious, repeatedly.

Skippy strategy: Tell ‘em, tell ‘em again, and tell ‘em again and again.