August 23, 2018

All down hill


It rarely feels like it’s all down hill. Bringing new ideas to the world, whether they’re product or service or process shaped, means struggle. It means taking time to bring your people on board, getting the ducks lined up when all the want to do is scatter scatter scatter, pushing through walls and over obstacles, overcoming the objections of suppliers and colleagues and internal sceptics and nay-saying buyers. It means long nights and too much pizza.

And then, in sight of whatever finish line has been thrown in your path, the chasms can open. Yet more difficulties to overcome. More hoops of fire.


It’s not easy. It never is. And you knew that before you started.

And that’s the reality, and that’s the task, and that’s why you do it.

Downhill is nice, but the upslope is your choice.

Skippy strategy: Stop complaining. Take another step up the hill.