February 4, 2016

All guns blazing


Let’s just assume you’re entitled to be aggrieved. Enraged. That they are absolutely in the wrong and you can absolutely walk the walk of the righteous. Now what?

Charge in all guns blazing?

Apologetically point out their error?


Turn the other cheek?

If you tend towards the extremes, take a breath … and think again.

The problem with knee jerking to anger or timidity is the subsequent difficulty of changing tack.

From the middle path – “Look, this is how I see things. How are we going to make things right?” – it’s a lot easier to turn the volume up or down. If they’re game, it’s almost like you’re on their side as they sort things out. If they’re not, you have plenty of options for making progress.

The most effective route usually opens up, if only you let it.

Skippy Strategy: Build bridges in the gap between stimulus and reaction.