November 5, 2019

All in your head


Awake in the night, managing things in your head, it goes three ways.

Maybe you’re an optimist. Maybe you see gaps in the traffic that aren’t really there. Maybe you’ve forgotten an expense or imagined an income. Maybe the team has talents and partners have resources that don’t really exist.

Maybe you’re down beat. Maybe the worrier overwhelms reality. That sale is forgotten or will never materialise, the rebate forgotten or the cash delayed. Maybe the customer’s busy-ness is a tell for their reticence.

Maybe you’re blessed with perfect memory and absolute insight.

When it’s all in your head, you just don’t know.

Empty it out on a spreadsheet. Start at the top, everything you know, get to the bottom. Review. Ask for help. What have we ignored, where are the risks, which way will it go?

Skippy strategy: No system is perfect, but spreadsheets are better than memories.