July 21, 2018

All talk


Some meetings, and let’s all hope they are few, are all talk. Which means things may progress, particularly nebulous thought-based things, but there are no actual decisions. It’s about the time in the room and the quality of engagement. And with all that time, the quality better be up to snuff. Otherwise – boredom, politicking, irritation, frustration (not good).

Even when (especially when) there’s productive talk, there is still a product; a shared understanding of what was said the the nudging of progress, “This is what happened”.

Which means taking notes and sharing them. 

Fail at this step and you’ll be back where you started next time around. “Didn’t we say xxx” and “weren’t you going to yyy” and “ …. erm … I can’t remember”.

Takes the notes, precis at the end, share the notes for next time around.

Skippy strategy: Even when it’s just talk, write it down and share the results.