July 3, 2018

All the lessons


At the end a a thing – whether it’s some kind of project, an offsite event, a planning session – there’s a temptation to focus on the things that could have gone better. And that’s smart, to a point.

Smart – there will be next times, and they’ll go better if the lessons we sat through were actually learned, and folded into the planning for when we go around again.

To a point – if you only ever focus on the bad, you’ll begin to ignore the good. Every project, event, meeting, whatever, always has more good things than bad. The plans that came together, the briefings that were totally on the money, the support that worked a treat, the tools that fell to hand. 

Note these too. Make sure they’re right there, in the lessons-learned file, so no one forgets the lessons you’ve already learned.

Skippy strategy: All the lessons, good and bad.