February 22, 2016

All the little things

Little things

There’s a lot of details.

Everywhere you look, bits and pieces need wrangling into place.

It’s easy to spend days and weeks on the little things; lining them up, adjusting, nudging, moving them out, considering, moving them back. And there’s value in the work. Setting things up just so is better than throwing them down and walking away.

It’s part of the work, for sure, but it’s not THE work.

The real work is about direction and communication and cohesion and movement. In a moving system, your most impactful time is spent keeping everyone agreed about the point of the compass and pulling together to get there. It’s not niggling the details. There’s no leverage there.

The little things can be a beautiful distraction. Don’t ignore them, but don’t ignore the real work either.

Skippy strategy: Put down your mouse, close your laptop, and engage in the big things.