August 25, 2017

All the noise


As soon as you start talking about an issue, everyone gets in on the act. And another thing, and another thing, and another thing. Problem is … in all the noise … everything feels so difficult … it’s easier to do nothing.

So … focus on the most pressing problem, (probably the one you started with). Work out the who and the what of the thing, drill down, find the root causes and the connections in the system.

Fix it.

Move on to the next one on the list.

The upside … fix the roots, you’ll fix a bunch of those other problems for free.

The risk … one deep root is connected to a tree-full of goodness. Look closer to find the place where things go bad, and start chopping there.

Don’t ignore problems just because it’s noisy.

Listen. Prioritise.

Skippy strategy: Don’t ignore the noise, just focus on each fix in turn.