November 18, 2022

All the same


It’s rare that everything rolls up neatly into nicely aligned piles that are easily understood and digested. Most times, it’s a mess of complexity and nuance. Tab A doesn’t slot perfectly into Slot B, there’s a little forcing involved. X doesn’t exactly mark the spot, but it gets you to in the region of. Ducks do not line up like you’d picture them doing, but they do have a desire to follow my leader.

The job then, sometimes at least, it to make sense of it all. To smooth out the differences between the perfect model the crash of reality. To keep your head and sense of direction when everything is in flux. To provide a steady hand on the tiller when the waves are pushing you off course. To be beaten around by reality and keep moving forward all the same.

Skippy strategy: Keeping moving forward all the same.