November 4, 2020

All this flux


We have an idea. We bring in all the right people and knock it into a plan that’s resourced and reasonable and has everyone on board. The work starts. The world turns. The further we go the more we know. One thing we learn: the idea needs adjusting, oh, and so does the plan, oh, and so does this thing and this bit and this piece over here. In the face of all this flux, the scope changes, and the plan, and the actions and the people.

Head down, busy every day, solving the problems and moving on to the next … it’s easy (likely) to end up somewhere else. With a product or a process or a system that delivers something, just not the same thing you wanted at the start.

Which might be a good thing, and might not.

Skippy strategy: Lift your head, are you still on track?