March 1, 2019

And standards


Getting things going, bringing new things into the world, takes a lot of seat of the pants, making stuff up as you go along, creativity, we shall overcome-ness, under- over- or around-the-thing determination, work the problem, work the issues, work the room … flexibility.

With luck, a following wind, and a healthy dose of helping hands, you get to the finish line.

Except the finish line is actually the start line. Getting things into the world is not the same as embedding them there, and digging them in takes a whole other set of skills.

What got you here won’t take you there.

Flexibility is replaced with the manual, with systems and training and processes and documentation and routine and managing and standards.

It may not be for you. It is the way for the project to make meaning.

Skippy strategy: Set up for the next start line.