June 11, 2016



Anyone who’s tried taking innovations to a large company knows the gods of Fear, Arrogance and Process are against them.

– Not invented here.

– Everyone hates the status quo, but it’s a known commodity

– You should be honoured to deal with such an important company, make it worth our while

– I like your product, now talk to Procurement

– I like your product, now talk to Legal

– All done? Now jump through these seventeen other hoops

Each god, evolved to protect big companies from the kinds of mistake that only come from stepping away from standard.

(On the inside? The same killer-gods make you score 2 out of 10 on your own innovation scale.)

The problem isn’t good ideas – on either side of the line – it’s the gods’ special power to sap energy from the system.

Skippy strategy: Don’t run out of energy.