January 3, 2021

As lazy as


Sometimes we make decisions that we know are right but that we also know will cost us political capital – pushing things (the right things) through in the face of opposition from interested parties. It’s right, it’s right, it’s right, we know it’s right, but it feels kinda wrong, or unpopular, or has to be sold a little harder than we’d like.

That is the work. To do the right thing even when it’s difficult, even when it isn’t met with whoops and joy. To put your nose to the wheel and get on with it.

The popular alternative – don’t do what’s right, do bow to vested interests, don’t add another brick to build the organisation and team and business you want – is as easy as it’s misguided, as wrong headed as it’s short sighted, as lazy as it’s ineffective.

Skippy strategy: Do the things you need to do.