November 11, 2020

As much of a plan


Some things are hard. Difficult to think about and harder to pull off. We have a clear objective, and an end date in mind, but everyone knows that some things just take the time they take – how long is enough to solve the unknown puzzle?

That doesn’t mean No Plan.

It means keep things achievable and accountable. Break it down into known-size pieces – even if it’s just for the immediate term – and the bridges you know you’ll need in the imaginable future. Not the steps-by-step for the entire journey, but at least the ones we’ll take in the next week or month or three, and the stepping stones we know we’ll have to cross before the end – a component for this and a module for that.

As much of a plan as you can, report against it, update it.

Skippy strategy: Have a plan, keep everyone accountable to it, even as it changes.