April 10, 2017

As real as can be


Ever find yourself dancing around something but you’re not quite sure what?

When you think there’s something there, and everybody else thinks there must be something there, but nobody can put their finger on it. So you keep on dancing, and speculating, and dancing, and speculating.

And the question is … is it real?

First step is to work out what we’re talking about.

A great place to start … write it down … and answer the question: if it is real, how will we deal with it?

And the funny thing is, as you write it down, it solidifies. The very act of making marks on paper helps everyone  visualise and turns something that was nothing more than broad concepts into something we can have a proper conversation about.

Write it down. Argue about it. And it, becomes a thing.

Skippy strategy: If it’s not real, make it as real as it can be.