July 11, 2020

Ask them how to think


We do a lot on feel. It feels about right, this person feels like a good fit, the deal feels fair. Feel come with experience, the more we have the more we have. But what if you don’t have it? What do you do if this is your first rodeo and the whole thing is alien?

First thing, admit it to yourself. Don’t try to bluster your way through (not with yourself anyway) – look yourself in the mirror and tell the person looking back that it’s ok not to know. Next, write everything down. Everything that relates to this thing, everything that fells similar, all your existing experiences – see what triangulates, what resonates.

Now, ask for help. Someone you know, or someone who know’s someone you know. Someone who has experience. Don’t ask them what to do. Ask them how to think.

Skippy strategy: Find out how to think.