September 13, 2019

At it


At some point after the start, it becomes difficult. After the excitement and clarity that got you out of the traps, it’s all a bit more difficult, more mundane, a daily battle just to put another foot forward, more complex that we thought, less progress that we hoped, and attacked on every side by competing priorities and shiny distractions.

The way ahead? Keep at it. Keep moving forward. Daily practice. Use whatever momentum you can find and nudge it. Nudge it. Nudge it again. Keep taking the next step, and the next.

It not glamorous. It isn’t down hill. It never is.

It’s grit and doggedness. It’s doing what needs to be done, living with the plan and keeping the schedule in hand. Fingers to keyboard. Shoe leather to pavement. Shoulder to wheel. Keep on at it.

Skippy strategy: The only way from here to the end, keep on at it.