February 26, 2024

Bang your knee


There are always the little jobs. Covered in moss at the edge of your to-do list, or maybe just off, almost out of sight, not even things worthy of an entry, but niggling away as an irritation every time you come across them in their not-done state.

Like some not-done filing that means you take an extra two minutes five times a month, or a tyre unpumped that means the thing isn’t quite ready for the next time and the next step can’t be made with ease – so it doesn’t get made. The bags are unpacked but baggage is sitting in the way and you bang your knee every damn time.

Deal with them. Maybe not this minute, but why not this minute?

Stick them in plain sight in a special place on the list.

Label: Five minute jobs.

And when you get five minutes …

Skippy strategy: Use five minutes.